Balinese Massage

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Balinese Massage

Golden Star Unisex Spa & Salon is one of the few places with certified experts that provide Balinese Massage in Lalbagh, Bangalore. Balinese massage is a technique that was developed in Bali and it has influence from the traditional systems of China, Southeast Asia as well as India. The massage is an amalgamation of various techniques like skin rolling & flicking, acupressure, percussion and gentle & firm stroking with the application of special aroma oils. We also use stone massage to make it more enhanced leading to an ultimate level of relaxation. A mix of a manual as well as aromatherapy helps to relax by stimulating the lymphatic system and the blood flow.

You can try this special spa and experience the utmost level of relaxation of both your mind and body by coming to our Spa in Lalbagh, Banglaore. We will ensure that you get the best spa in Lalbagh of your lifetime and come back to us again.

Balinese Massage
Period of Time Price in Rupees
60 Min. Rs. 2200/-
90 Min. Rs. 3000/-