Full Body Massage

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Full Body Massage

With a full body massage in Lalbagh, Bangalore, you get an absolutely fantastic experience where the whole body is massaged from head to toe. At a calm and comfortable pace, several different techniques such as connective tissue and trigger point massage, lifting and organ-related muscle massage are involved. This releases waste products and increases blood circulation.

This treatment includes the whole body as well as touching the head and feet. A holistic and in-depth treatment method that focuses on creating awareness throughout the body and strengthening all the senses, where there is a balance in the relationship between over and understimulated areas.A comfortable and effective method to loosen tensions and imbalances that have arisen in the body's muscle and nervous system. You get a better sense of yourself and the coherence of your body.

The in-depth physiotherapy massage form is based on the natural movement pattern. Full body massage takes place at a calm and pleasant pace, adapted to you and your needs. Along the way, we consciously work with a variety of methods, using hands and elbows, both actively and resting. You will, in between, be asked to tense different places in the body. This is so that you can subsequently feel better that the tension lets go. In this way, the body is constantly awakened and stimulated. 

Full body massage by female to male, The special and extraordinary region to relax and relieve yourself from the stress. Come and revel in the warm atmosphere, be pampered by using our friendly and skilled Therapists. Feel touch of paradise with our treatment. The female therapist will furnish any shape of rubdown carrier to the male client. Th erefore, regardless of the rub down provider that the customer wants, a girl professional masseuse is continually on hand to fulfill his needs.

Female to male body massage in Lalbagh, Bangalore: This treatment has relaxing and balancing properties for the nervous system. Our goal is to achieve a state of complete well-being through a specific massage technique and thus balance the body through the fantastic properties of the top quality essential oils with which we work. The result is a state of relaxation and a complete sense of well-being, as well as increased body awareness.

Full Body Massage
Period of Time Price in Rupees
60 Min. Rs. 2200/-
90 Min. Rs. 3000/-