Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage

Overwhelming Swedish Massage in Bangalore

Visiting Golden Star Unisex Spa can become a part of your life if you are looking for the best spa in Bangalore that offers the ultimate benefits of Swedish Massage. The experts at our spa believe that it is one of the most prominent therapeutic massages that bring complete relaxation to the body. It is very popular in western countries.

It becomes a very effective massage therapy as it combines a number of massage techniques that leave a separate impact on the body. The overall impact can be overwhelming. It works to treat body muscular pains, stress factors, tension, and poor blood circulation. The team of knowledgeable massaging professionals is capable of bringing you the right impression no matter what kind of discomfort troubles you.

Special Features That Makes Golden Star Unisex Spa The Best Place For Swedish Massage:

  • A superior team of massagers
  • Expertise with long-experience level
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Well-equipped AC rooms for 100% client satisfaction
  • Affordable cost
  • The facility of advance booking of massaging appointment

The best thing about this special therapeutic massaging technique lies in the fact that it relaxes both mind and body to bring a holistic impact on the whole body. Our massaging professionals are extremely knowledgeable who are always ready to bring you the right massage so that you get rid of all the troubles that take you to us. With us, you are sure about gaining total relaxation to mind and body!


The benefits of Swedish massage are multiple and are manifested mainly with a feeling of general relaxation. Through the variety of its maneuvers it is possible to obtain different positive effects on the body. In fact, it is effective in eliminating muscle tension and improving joint mobility. It also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, proving to be an excellent ally in the fight against cellulite.

  • Improve and activate blood circulation.
  • Provide deep muscle relaxation.
  • Stimulate skin tissues, improving its appearance.
  • Accelerate lymphatic circulation.
  • Reduce and alleviate certain muscular ailments resulting from contractures, tensions and knots.
  • Reduce adipose tissue, favoring the firmness and elasticity of the skin.


Lastly, it promotes tissue oxygenation.

Swedish massage also contributes to improving the skin, making it more toned and elastic and helping to eliminate toxins from the body. The benefits of Swedish massage relate not only to physical health but also to psychological health. The deep sensation of relaxation that it gives the body expands to the mind, making this treatment also useful for combating stress and anxiety.

It is important to note that each massage technique has its own advantages and that the choice of a technique will depend on the specific needs of the patient. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a qualified and experienced massage therapist to determine which massage technique is most suitable for each person.

Swedish Massage
Period of Time Price in Rupees
60 Min. Rs. 2000/-
90 Min. Rs. 2800/-